What Are the Best Windows for Improving Ventilation?

When choosing windows for your home, it is important to put functionality at the top of the list along with architectural beauty. Selecting the best styles that will allow for excellent ventilation and airflow can remarkably improve the air quality in your home as well as increase your comfort level. Here are some operating windows that provide adequate ventilation:

windows for ventilation

  1. Casement Windows. If you want to maximize your ventilation at home, casement windows are your best choice. These windows are hinged on one side and swing outward. While some units are simply manual, some operate on a crank or motor. You can crack your casement windows so slightly to catch a light breeze or open them fully to deflect warmer air.

  2. Horizontal Sliders. A horizontal sliding window slides to one direction to allow in natural light and fresh air. Since this style of windows does not protrude, they are great for areas with limited indoor and outdoor space. Some homeowners find a slider easier to open and close than a crank-style window.

  3. Double-Hung Windows. Double hung windows are a popular style in many homes. Not only do they have easy-to-open capabilities and traditional aesthetics, they also provide ample ventilation. You can use both sashes to allow a cool breeze in through the bottom portion and let warm indoor air escape through the top at the same time. Like sliding windows, double hung windows are ideal for areas with limited opening space.

  4. Louvre Windows. Another window type that encourages airflow in your home is louvre windows. They are considered a great alternative to exhaust fans in bathrooms and laundry rooms since they allow moisture to clear out.

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