What are the Most Common Window Defects?


Having an idea about the most common window defects can help you find and fix them faster. Renewal by Andersen® of Sacramento, the area’s top residential window contractor, lists them below.

Leaks in the Window Sealing 

If you have a multi-paned window and there are foggy patches you can’t wipe off, your window’s sealing might be damaged. Manufacturers fill the space between window panes with argon to slow down heat transfer. Moisture can enter this space through window leaks and condense into foggy patches. The energy-efficiency of your window decreases as more argon leaks out of your window, often resulting in higher utility bills.

Contractors don’t recommend repairs for leaky multi-paned windows. They can seal the gaps but won’t be able to refill the gas. To restore the energy-efficiency of your window, you’ll need to install a new insulated glass unit. The problem is a new unit costs as much as a new window. It’d be more cost-effective to get new specialty windows.

Damaged Window Glazing 

Window sealing keeps argon inside the glass panes while the glazing keeps cold outside air and rainwater from entering your home. Glazing seals the edges of windows and keeps them stable. Age is the usual culprit behind damaged glazing. In most cases, it’s more practical to get a replacement.

Clogged Window Weeps 

Water that accumulates in your window flows out of the window weeps. These are usually found at the bottom of a window frame. If the window weeps are clogged, water may exit through the other parts of your window. Cleaning them should fix the problem. But if the water exited through other parts of your window, you may need a replacement.

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