What Customer-Focused Engineering and Innovation Means for You

At Renewal by Andersen®, we understand that a window project is a big investment for any homeowner. We want to make that investment worth every penny. Our goal is to make homes more beautiful and functional by installing high-performing windows. To do this, we make sure our products and services are customer-oriented.

As the exclusive retailer of Renewal by Andersen replacement windows in Sacramento, CA, we share the same goal. Our customer-focused engineering and innovations have bettered countless homes around the country. When we say “customer-focused engineering and innovations,” we mean the technologies we use provide homeowners with solutions.

Here are the functional requirements of a window, together with our engineering solutions:

  • Air performance. One of the primary functions of a window is to control air flow. However, windows deteriorate over time, resulting in a decreased level of protection against drafts. For this reason, we incorporate weatherstripping into our windows’ side jambs. This reinforces their seals and provides an all-around defense against drafts.
  • Water management. Another basic functional requirement of windows is proper water channeling. In light of this, we construct our windows with angled sills. This engineering solution allows water to easily drain away from the unit.
  • Window operation. Not all windows are user-friendly. To help solve this problem, we added a balancer system for effortless window operation. You’ll be amazed at how Renewal windows offer smooth and convenient operation every time.
  • Sash design and options compatibility. Who doesn’t love variety? Along with the window types we offer, Renewal provides many other customizing options. Add exterior, interior or between-the-glass grilles for a design that’s truly unique.

Our customer-focused engineering and innovation can greatly improve indoor comfort. We specifically design our windows for homeowner convenience and satisfaction. You’ll see this in our casement, bow, bay, picture, sliding, specialty and double-hung windows in Sacramento.

These advancements wouldn’t be possible without our experienced team. Renewal by Andersen takes great pride in the skill of its installers. We have worked on over 300,000 homes and replaced more than two million windows. Thousands of those windows were installed in Sacramento alone. Over 53,000 windows installed in Sacramento by Renewal by Andersen since 1995.

Enjoy our customer-focused products and services with your next window replacement. If you want to learn more, just call Renewal by Andersen of Sacramento today at (916) 389-2000. We’d love to hear from you!