When Is Window Condensation a Cause for Concern?

Take a moment and check out your windows. Do you see any signs of fogging or water droplets forming on the surface? If you answered yes, then you’re looking at the most common signs of window condensation. Condensation in your windows is a fairly normal occurrence, but you should get help from an expert if it happens during the following situations.


Condensation on windows


If Condensation Occurs Indoors


Water on your window’s outer surface is fine, but droplets forming on the indoor-facing side of your windows indicates excessive humidity. Check your windows for air leaks and have those sealed ASAP. If condensation still occurs, it could be a problem with your home’s insulation or HVAC.


If You Have Foggy Multi-Pane Windows


Condensation occurring between the glass panes of multi-pane windows are incredibly hard to deal with. They form easily when it’s cold and slowly evaporate so they don’t “dry out” as fast. More importantly, it means that your double-hung windows are no longer air-tight and energy-efficient. Have these windows replaced ASAP to avoid rising energy costs.


When Water Rings and Discoloration Occur


Window condensation eventually dries out, but the moisture can linger long enough that it encourages mold or mildew to grow on your window’s surface, causing discoloration. These growths can pose a serious health risk so experts recommend cleaning moldy windows or replacing them if there is severe mold or mildew presence.


Getting Help from Window Experts


If your window condensation issue is a cause for concern, trying to fix the issue on your own can either be difficult or outright impossible, even if you have simple picture windows that do not have any complicated parts. If that’s the case, it’s best to have the problem addressed by certified experts with the right tools and knowledge to get the job done.


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