Which Window Style is Perfect For Your Bedroom?

For most people, a bedroom is one of their favorite spots at home. It’s the room that is synonymous with relaxation and rest. So it is only natural that homeowners want to make their bedroom as comfortable as possible with the proper ventilation, lighting, design and safety. This can be accomplished by choosing the right type of window.

Bedroom Window Styles

1. Casement windows. Casement windows in Davis, CA, are one of the most popular and practical styles for a bedroom window. This type of window is tightly sealed when closed for excellent energy efficiency, and provide a wide view as well as ample natural lighting. Casement windows also have a strong lock system and are inaccessible from the outside, making your bedroom extra secure.

2. Awning windows. This window style opens from the bottom and extends outward. Awning windows can be placed high on walls for light and breezes that don’t compromise your privacy.

3. Double-hung windows. Double-hung windows can be opened from either the top or bottom for ventilation in your bedroom, but they don’t take up interior space when opened or closed.

4. Bay and bow windows. A lot of natural lighting can be achieved if you have this type of window. The sweeping design can create a feel of spaciousness in your bedroom. For maximum ventilation, this style may also incorporate other window types, like a casement or double-hung.

Where to Get the Perfect Window Style

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