Why You Need to Understand Your Window’s Warranty

For homeowners, purchasing new windows is a big home remodeling decision you’ll make that will impact the quality and value of your home. It’s important then that your windows have good warranty coverage, which you’ll mainly achieve by choosing the right window product and installer for the job.

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When Should You Get a Window Replacement?

There are several signs you need to look out for first before you decide to replace your windows. During the winter months, you may have noticed your home becoming a bit draftier than normal, which means you might have to start looking into replacing your windows.

Your current windows may also have performance issues, such as being difficult to open or close. You may even notice chipping and water stains around the window. All of these are good enough reasons to start your window replacement process for your home.

Getting the Right Window (And Installer) for Your Home

To get started on your replacement windows, you’ll have to research what types of windows will work best for you. Gather inspiration based on the architectural style of your home to help narrow down what type of window you’re drawn to. And when it comes to finding the right installer for your replacement windows, only hire reliable window companies such as Renewal by Andersen® of Sacramento.

Our company simply offers the best range of windows in the area. You can choose several styles or have one customized to fit your home’s architecture. If you’re not sure which type of window to go for, then we’ll help you decide which is best for your home. We’re also efficient installers who get the job done right the first time.

Why It’s Important to Know Your Window’s Warranty   

If a problem arises with your window and it needs servicing, you need to know who to call. If your new windows came from our products and were installed by us, then you’ll need to call us when you encounter issues with your windows. If you work with someone other than a manufacturer’s installer, the warranty coverage can change or even become void.

Part of understanding your window’s warranty is proper care and maintenance.  As such, have your installer show you the proper way to clean your windows. They’ll also show you how to properly operate your window, including opening, closing and locking.

As one of the best companies in the area for installing windows and doors, Renewal by Andersen of Sacramento will get the job done professionally and efficiently. Call us at (916) 779-5800 or fill out our convenient contact form to get in touch with our experts today! We serve Sacramento and neighboring CA areas.