How to Stop Windows Leaking Rain

How to Stop Windows Leaking RainAs homeowners’ concerns over mold infiltration mount, so does the time, money and attention spent on fixing the problem of your windows leaking rain. Consider: Mold most commonly enters a home through skin, clothing, shoes and personal belongings. And don’t forget your heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems!

And what does mold need to grow? Water. When the weather turns wet, water can seep in through poorly sealed windows and doors. This condensation exposes your living spaces—even the insides of your walls and window and door frames—to a decaying fungus.

So what can you do? Throughout the year, check that your exterior window and door openings aren’t damaged. If they are, remove the damaged caulking and clean the window and door frames. Also, check to make sure your window and door seals and sashes aren’t failing. Proper seals and sashes will protect the glass from moisture creeping between the panes. You can also probe the frame and trim with a screwdriver to check for soft wood. Finally, if you can get into the attic, check for roof leaks, which could make its way down to your windows. Think mildew, mold, rot or wetness on or around the insulation.

If you’re running into any of these problems,  your current windows might not have been installed correctly—so hopefully they come with a warranty! Otherwise, you could spend a good amount of money just to diagnose the problem. Windows leaking rain water, no matter how recently you installed them, is never a good sign! If so, consider scheduling a free, in-home consultation for window and door replacement.

Where Renewal by Andersen Comes In

During the consult, our design professionals examine your current windows, learn about your needs and craft a custom solution to stop your windows leaking rain. We walk you through each step of the full service window and door replacement process—including installation—tell you what to expect along the way, provide you with beautiful design options and leave you with a to-the-penny price quote.

At Renewal by Andersen of Sacramento, we adhere to the highest standards as reflected in our signature service. We make it our priority to partner with our customers during every step of the replacement and installation process and go above and beyond what is expected. If you are experiencing mold due to leaky windows, or any similar problem, you can trust we’ll be able to bring you peace of mind at every stage of the process.