Why the Fibrex® Material Is a Homeowner’s Best Ally

Why the Fibrex® Material Is a Homeowner’s Best Ally

At Renewal by Andersen, our team has provided our customers with quality-fitted windows and doors since 1903. We are known for our turn-key services, producing custom and precisely manufactured windows for your home. In addition to these many benefits, we also have a cutting-edge advantage on our competition: our Fibrex® material.

About Our Exclusive Product

The Fibrex® Material was made exclusively and patented by us in 1992. It is a composite containing wood fiber and vinyl, resulting in a strong, durable substance that can withstand extreme temperature ranges. The product allows for a narrower frame, leaving more room for glass. This extraordinary substance is a sturdy, stable, and low-maintenance building material that is unavailable anywhere else. Because Fibrex® has an extremely low occurrence of expanding in the heat or contracting in the cold, customers can also have the material in a wide range of dark shades, unlike vinyl, which would warp considerably in extreme heat.

How It Outperforms Other Materials

Fibrex® outperforms aluminum, fiberglass, and regular wood or vinyl. Aluminum, which conducts both heat and cold, could cost a fortune in utility bills. In fact, our material blocks thermal transfer nearly 700 times better than aluminum.

Fiberglass, on the other hand, is painted and thus requires upkeep. Fibrex® doesn’t need painting or scraping, and it will not mold, decay, or rot away. Wood is either painted or treated to withstand weather conditions, yet is still vulnerable to rot and termites. Finally, while vinyl is low-maintenance, our Fibrex® material is twice as strong as regular vinyl, ensuring a weathertight seal that lasts.

Why It Benefits the Environment

Because 40 percent of the material in Fibrex® is reclaimed wood, which can be reground and reused, we are reducing our environmental footprint. Fibrex® is both Green Seal and Energy Star Certified, meeting stringent criteria for energy efficiency set by the U.S. Department of Energy.

Renewal by Andersen has been providing quality materials and installation for decades. We also include our installation within the warranty, which is rarely offered by other remodeling firms. Let our certified master installers show you firsthand how Fibrex® replacement windows can benefit the efficiency and beauty of your home. Call us at (916) 525-7711 for a free consultation today.